Seven SNS Dip Powder Colors Every Woman Should Try Out

About 30 years back, not many people knew about dip powder manicures. Today, it has become the favorite of a majority of women globally. The credit for leading this revolution should go to SNS, one of the world’s finest dip powder products. People who visit salons ask for SNS dip powder brands by name. That is the extent of the popularity of SNS dip powder today.

Seven SNS Dip Powder Colors Every Woman Should Try Out

SNS dip powders have excellent qualities that make them popular amongst women, young and old. These products beautify your nails while protecting their health simultaneously. SNS dip powders are fine-grain and high-quality products that enable manicures to last comfortably for 14 to 21 days. In addition, SNS offers a massive range of more than 150 colors. The SNS dip powder color chart allows users to select these beautiful shades and have the perfect nail manicure.

Let us look at the best SNS dip powders that make your day.

SNS Aphrodite’s Rave – Neon Dip Powder

This glossy dip powder is available in two color shades, pink and purple. It offers a cream finish that can look glossy or matte, depending on the topcoat applications you have. The best aspect is that the most refined grains make up the powder system to produce the richest colors. Besides, SNS dip powder brands are cruelty-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic. It explains why more women prefer SNS dip powders to the cheaper ones available on the market.

SNS Love Letter Pink Dip Powder

Another color that ranks high on the SNS dip powder color chart is the Love Letter Pink Dip Powder from the Happy Honeymoon collection. The exciting aspect of this color shade is its DIY nature. If you follow the proper procedure, the dip powder manicure can comfortably last for more than two weeks. While SNS dip powder nourishes nails and cuticles, it has a low odor. It does not require any UV light and still gives a mirror-like finish. Besides, this shade makes your nails look flexible and robust.

SNS Napa Valley Dip Powder

Today, we are living in the times of destination weddings. One of the best destination wedding collection nail polishes is SNS Napa Valley Dip Powder. This exciting red dip powder comes in convenient bottles to make it easy to apply. This dip powder brand is also one of the healthiest because the dip powder system comes packed with Vitamin A, E, D, B5, and calcium. Dip powder nail polishes are most sought after at weddings because they dry instantly without going through the curing process under a UV lamp.

SNS Twilight Red Dip Powder

While the Napa Valley red dip powder finish is ideal for your wedding, the Twilight Red Dip Powder from the Best of Spring collection is an all-weather dip powder product. This dip powder is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. All SNS dip powder products are 10-free. Thus, they are free from harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, and parabens. This classic velvet red shade lets you make a forceful and everlasting love statement. The Twilight Red Dip Powder shade is one of the favorite of women globally.

SNS Great Blue Hole Dip Powder

While the deep reds and the innocent pinks are perennial favorites, one cannot ignore the lighter shades like blue. The SNS dip powder has an exciting range of blue powder shades, starting with the most delicate blues and extending to navy blue, the dark shades. Each color is made from high-quality grain powders that nourish the nails with each application. In addition, SNS focuses on the hygiene factor the most, ensuring healthier nails and cuticles.

SNS Arabian Nights Dip Powder

Dipping powder is preferred by women worldwide because it allows them to experiment with different finishes, like matte, glossy, glittering, etc. Furthermore, the SNS Arabian Nights Dip powder imparts a natural glitter, whereby you end up with a glittering nail manicure finish. This unique, gray-colored powder with its silver glitter looks heavenly on your nails and makes you the center of attraction wherever you go. The SNS Metallic collection is amongst the best in the cosmetics industry.

SNS Silent Summer Night Dip Powder

You should try out the SNS Silent Summer Night Dip Powder if you love the darker shades. Generally, women prefer to have dark-colored nail polish finishes in the winter. But, this black shade is ideal for wearing during the summer months. It brings out the attractive side of your personality and enhances your glamour quotient by several notches.

Final Thoughts

When discussing dip powder manicures, few brands can equal SNS because of the high-quality standards they maintain. Compared to the cheap products available, SNS dip powder brands can be expensive because they do not compromise on quality. With SNS, you can be sure of the best product to ensure the most beautiful dip powder nail color manicure.