The Reality about Dip Powder Nails and Buying from SNS Nails Wholesale

In simplest terms, acrylic and gel have always been around when nails are to be brought in the perfect shape. Yet the dip powder nails have started to become a more popular and staunch part of the culture. Especially for those who want a durable manicure, the dip powder registers as the perfect choice. While sifting through popular social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, one is introduced to thousands of ideas every day.

The Reality about Dip Powder Nails and Buying from SNS Nails Wholesale

Thankfully, doing the dip powder manicure is much easier and can also be completed via professional help. Still, this method has its fair share of pros and cons. so if you’ve been looking forward to getting the dip powder manicure, you’ve come to the right spot. Here, we will not only provide you with a formal introduction but will jot down the pros and cons too. Continue reading this text till the end diligently:

How to Apply Dip Powder on Your Nails?

If you manage to get SNS dip powder, more than half of your manicure worries will be gone. For this treatment, we recommend you go natural and be gentle during the process. All you have to do is apply the base as a bonding solution to your clean nails. Ensure to groom your nails before the process starts. Once done, dip each of your fingers into the nail powder. Secondly, use the bonding resin and repeat the process. Before finishing the process, you can apply up to five coats without any reservations.

You’ll also have to use a sealer as it is brushed on the nails and buffed. This can be easily purchased from a typical beauty salon. Or, if you want to visit the salon to get things done professionally, the nail technician will use a sealer during the process. Here’s a basic list of the essentials, needed for the manicure treatment: cotton pads, acetone, nail file, nail glue, dip powder color.

Thankfully, the market is flooded with a plethora of dip powder kits and you don’t have to spend a lot of time finding one that is a combination of everything you need.

What Are The Benefits?

One of the leading benefits of dip powder nails is, they are durable and have impressive longevity. Unlike the conventional manicure treatments, they provide you value for money. Check out SNS nails wholesale and the internet will unleash various intriguing options for you.

Other Benefits


What if you wear a conventional nail manicure and struggle with the strong odor all day long? Simply put, it can be embarrassing to have nails that repulse everyone around. Thankfully, the dip powder is odor free and the smell quickly disappears after a few minutes of application. Regardless of whether you decide to sell it home or in a salon, the odor free experience is very appealing for sure.


One of the biggest benefits of settling for the dip powder is the comfort that it has to offer. Unlike regular nail manicures, the dip powder is easier to use and leaves a thin layer of coating on the surface of your hands. Furthermore, you never have a tough moment with nails, since everything is done smoothly.

Less Messy

Usually, the application of nail paint entails creating a mess around the space where it is being done. Thankfully, you don’t have to struggle with any such issue when dip powder is concerned. After all, you don’t struggle with pads or swabs in the process. As a result, you get prettier and cleaner nails.


Though it might take a little while in the beginning, once you master the art, it will hardly take a few minutes to get the manicure done. Because all of us are caught up with busy routines throughout the day, using SNS nail dip powder can save a lot of time.

What Are the Cons?

Thankfully, the pros outweigh the cons, so we don’t have many to discuss. The only issue with dip powder nails is, they need more time to get removed from the nails. While they might appear to be glossy and exquisite, you’ll have a little difficulty with taking them off. The process can be lengthy and if you rush, you might cause damage to your nails too. Therefore, take it slow and seamlessly remove them.


Now that you’ve understood the pros and cons of using dip powder nails, you must have understood why they are trending globally. No wonder, dip powder nails have become a norm across the globe and continue to become a part of the beauty culture. With several nail salons actively paddling their services all over, it is fair enough to say that dip powder nails will encapsulate the attention of millions in the coming years.