How to keep your tan longer?

You’ve done all this work to look fantastic. Now it’s time to maintain the bronze as long as possible. Depending on your skin tone, you might keep a tan for as little as a week or for as long as a month. So let’s see how to extend a suntan to the maximum.


If you’ve already used one of the best tan accelerators, you know that showering too soon after tanning is a no-no. But we can take this prohibition further. In the interest of staying bronzed, keep showers short and don’t use hot water.

The reason is that hot water dries out the skin. Then dry skin sheds faster, getting rid of the surface layer. Therefore, your tan washes down the drain.

Also, exfoliation is problematic. Stay away from abrasive scrubs, loofahs, and the like. Moreover, avoid chemical peels with salicylic or glycolic acid. And don’t wax or use hair removal cream either.

Okay, enough of the don’ts. Let’s look at the things you can do, too.

The first is hydrating yourself inside and out. Drink water, eat fresh foods full of beta-carotene and moisturize. You’re less likely to peel and lose your tan if you’re well-hydrated.

Next, some tanning enthusiasts apply tanning lotion with bronzer even when they don’t visit the salon. Bronzers are sunless tanners that darken the skin with a chemical process or dye it with natural ingredients. They will make you look sun-kissed even when your natural tan is fading. Plus, bronzers look better when you already have a little color of your own.

To sum up: hydrate, add a little color boost and don’t exfoliate. These are the keys to retaining your suntan. Thrown on some outdoor tanning lotion to soak up rays during your lunch break. And wear hues that highlight your beautiful suntanned skin.