Tips to Make Your DND Nail Polish DIY at Home an Exciting Affair

The global pandemic has its minus points, but it has taught people many things in life. One of the key takeaways is increasing the independence levels. Today, women have learned to have their nail manicures at home. It might have been a forced action, but it is nevertheless welcome.

Learning how to paint your nails is a remarkable skill. It can be addictive, just like driving your own car. Besides saving time and enhancing your convenience levels, it saves you a lot of money. Let us now discuss some DND gel polish set DIY tricks that could stand you in good stead.

Tips to apply DND nail polish at home

Try using white nail polish as a primer

Nail polish is meant to be attractive. If you like your DND nail polish to be the center of attraction everywhere, you can try out the white polish as a primer. A couple of white polish layers and the DND color layer on top can give you some of the best eye-catching nails in town.

A simple nail polish finish can make a massive impact

Any pro artist will tell you that it is most difficult to be simple. However, the simple nail polish design without any frills is the best you can have. A mixture of earthy tones and pale shades looks great on almost all skin tones. While exquisite designs look glamourous, the simple nail polish finish does make a massive impact.

There is no compromise on the quality aspect

If you go scouting for nail polish on the market, you can find thousands of products available online. However, not all of them are of the best quality. It is better to buy DND nail polish products, and be rest assured that you have quality products on your hands. You might spend the extra dollar initially, but in the long run, you save a bagful.

Eyeline brushes can make beautiful nail polish erasers

It is common for nail polish to spill over to the cuticle area after a DIY application. There is no need to fret about as your eyeline brush dipped in nail polish remover can prove handy to wipe out the excess polish from the cuticles and give you a flawless finish. However, you should do this before you subject your nails to curing under the UV lamp.

Cuticle oil can enhance your unpainted nail’s beauty

At times you might not have time for a full manicure. It is also advisable to give your nails rest for about a week between two manicures to let them recoup. Under such circumstances, you can use cuticle oil to liven up your unpainted nails. If cuticle oil is not available readily, a few drops of coconut or olive oil will also do.

Try out the special effects during the drying period

You must have notices how celebrities show off their tacky nail finishes on television. The best news is that you can get the same finish at home. The right time to add your special effects is when the topcoat is left to dry. The tip is to apply a durable topcoat and allow it to dry for about three to four minutes. When the topcoat is still a bit tacky, you can sprinkle some holographic nail powder on the wet paint to get a fantastic finish. However, you should remember to apply another top coat layer and let it dry completely.

If you love negative space manicures, try using the painter’s tape

Stick the adhesive tape in your desired shape around the nail. Proceed with applying the basecoat and DND polish around the tape and on the nails. After you cure the polish, you can easily remove the tape and have an incredible negative space manicure on your nails. This technique also allows you to experiment with various colors. You do not have to be a Picasso to have such a design on your nails.

If you are in an urgent rush to go somewhere, a sheer shade should be sufficient

If you have time issues and need to rush out for some urgent work, you can use a sheer because it is dummy-proof. A single coat should be enough to give your nails the kiss of life. However, if you love to go with a full-on color, it is better to stick to the basics. Buy DND nails products to get the sheer finish you look forward to having.

Your nails deserve the same care that you give to your skin

DND Nail Polish lasts long. However, it is necessary to give your nails the care they deserve. You can gently massage your nails with cuticle oil to rehydrate the nails and keep them healthy at night. They need as much care as you give to your skin.


These tips should help you to have a great time experimenting with nail polish. Your creativity should show on your nails for people to appreciate it.