Seven Colors That Suit Your Personality the Best

You must have heard this somewhere. “Clothes maketh the woman you are.” This statement says that your clothes define who you are and your nature. Similarly, your nail polish is a dead giveaway of your personality.

You can argue that I wear nail colors for fashion and always go by the trends. But still, your subconscious mind plays a critical role in selecting the nail colors you use on your nails. Every color has its personality trait. It can reveal a lot about you without you saying anything about yourself. A good psychologist can always predict your personality and how you react to situations by studying the nail patterns you wear.

So, let us now see how DND colors gel defines your personality.

Daisy DND Colors That Say a Lot about Your Personality

The Nude Shades – Defines transparency

Daisy DND Colors

Nude colors reveal an open nature. It shows that you do not have anything to hide and that your life is like an open book that anyone can read. These colors show your transparency and indicate that you are willing to adapt to different situations in life as they come. This adaptability and versatility make nude one of the most popular shades. But, do you know that not every woman loves to go for nude shades. It is because they do not have a transparent attitude to life.

The Metallic Shades – Defines charisma

Daisy DND Colors

The metallic shades like gold, silver, bronze, copper, etc., require a different mindset. People who like to be the center of attraction wherever they go love to flaunt these metallic shades on their nails. These colors indicate a dominative person who gets her work done by hook or crook. These beautiful metallic shades exude charisma and make you the cynosure of all eyes (most attractive and endearing). Among the metallic shades, the golden hue indicates that you love being in the thick of things. On the other hand, a silver finish makes you a rebel.

The Reds – A sense of adventure

Daisy DND Colors

The reds are favorites of most women. Generally, women with an adventurous streak prefer to go for the brightest red hues. On the other hand, those who prefer the darker shades are more laid back in their approach. Besides, red is the boldest color to wear on your nails. Furthermore, people who wear red are not afraid of taking risks because they are confident that they can get the work done. So, the reds define a go-for-it at any cost personality, making you sexy, daring, and adventurous.

Daisy DND offers an exquisite collection of reds that come in varying shades to suit every aspect of your personality.

Black – Artistic to the core

Daisy DND Colors

Generally, you find women in the showbiz industry and those involved with creative arts going for black nail polish shades. Black is a classical color that suits almost every dress in the world. Besides, it suits people with all skin tones and makes them look sophisticated and stylish. But, at the same time, black is one of the most stubborn colors. So, people wearing black do not like to be dictated by others. They always tend to stamp their authority wherever they go.

Pink – Sense of humor

Daisy DND Colors

Pink is the most innocent-looking color of all. However, the darker hues of pink show a fantastic sense of humor. The best aspect of people wearing pink naiks is that they are not afraid of laughing at themselves if the situation demands so. They are not the ones to sulk around blaming others. On the contrary, the pink nail shade indicates that you have the knack for looking at the lighter side of things and seeing the humorous side of life in every activity they perform.

White – Shrewd and organized

Daisy DND Colors

White is the purest color of all and shows that you are an organized person in everything you do. The white shade indicates you are a perfectionist who does not accept anything less than being perfect at all times. This attitude can create problems at times, but people wearing white nail shades are not afraid of the consequences. They know they are right and hence not afraid to take risks. But, women wearing white like to live life the way they want to. So, it is not easy to dictate anything to a woman who wears white nails, especially without any nail art.

Purple – A regal color that displays royalty

Daisy DND Colors

Few women can carry off the purple hues with authority. First, it is always known as a royal color that exudes supreme confidence and makes her the boss of everything she surveys. Secondly, purple is a bold color that shows you are not shy to accept challenges in life.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed seven enchanting hues that display various shades of your personality. So, generally, you choose colors that suit your style the best. However, Daisy DND offers an exciting range of attractive color gel that matches your personality.