The Most Popular Nail Designs for Short Nail

Nowadays, it is more and more popular to keep nails short and find the best gel polish for unique and pretty designs for short nails. Especially for teenage girls, keeping short nails and choosing colorful gel colors to design nail art not only limits damage and breakage, but it is also extremely convenient in keeping your nails clean, decent, and feminine in addition. It will not affect your living like long nails. If you are not used to do long nails, you will have to adapt at first. because it is relatively more difficult in daily life, such as washing dishes, holding things, typing on the computer, …

The beautiful nail designs for short nails have never disappointed the girls by their innovative ways. In particular, when you find good gel color, buy the best gel polish and own unique nail sets, your hands become even cuter and more impressive.

If you own short nails and are worried because it will be difficult to draw or design nail art, let’s find out the best gel polish with DTK Nail Supply and take a look at some beautiful gel colors for trendy short nail designs.

With creative ideas and constantly offering many new nail designs, it will surely satisfy all customers, especially girls who love simplicity but still very dynamic.

Simple Nail Designs for Short Nails Have Never Stopped Being Hot

Tan gel color for nail design with super shimmering stones

Leading the current trend is still the simple stone nail designs with Tan gel color for short nails. Although the color is not too prominent, it is just a gentle gloss, it will help you to get a luxury thanks to the delicate and meticulous stones. With this beautiful nail designs you can wear all pretty and gentle outfits.

To be able more impressive, you can also choose a beautiful rhinestone or glitter nail design with dark blue or blue grey gel color as the main color to help your hands become droopy, more luxurious but still equally personal. With just a few touches, you can make the viewer unable to take their eyes off by the novelty and uniqueness.

Nail designs with stones interwoven with many different sizes and highlights in black and white is also a great suggestion for you with short nails. Simple but extremely delicate has partly brought attraction, so many girls choose to wear it when going out, partying or going to work… Of course, on the market today there are many gel polishes for sale, but to get beautiful and long-lasting nail sets, you must find and buy the best nail polish.

Simple nail designs with pastel gel color

Most Popular Nail Designs for Short Nail

Pastel blue gel color gives a feeling of lightness and coolness. It also has the effect of raising the tone of your skin.

Simple cute nail designs with gentle pastel tones of gel color always make girls excited. They are pretty, eye-catching and very easy to design. So, have you ever tried to choose for yourself a cute simple nail design with this gentle pastel gel color? If not, you should try a pastel gel polish to see what is outstanding about this pastel gel color and why it is chosen by young people.

Compared to other gel color nails, pastel tones are gentle, classic and playful. Pastel gel color is not too picky on skin color, but on the contrary, this gel color, if stylized with fun images, will increase the value of your hands, making you look more beautiful.

It may seem a bit overwhelming to paint each nail a different color, but if you choose soft pastel gel colors, they will look sweet. To add even more appeal, use a gel color finger as an accent.

Simple beautiful nail design with nude gel color

Most Popular Nail Designs for Short Nail

A white skin will give you confidence when appearing in public, but what if your skin is dark? Choose a beautiful nail design 2021 with neutral tones such as earthy brown, earth orange gel color and you will help your hands stand out, brighter and more prominent. And to create accents, a few simple textures, using more glitter is also a great idea for your short nails.

If you want to be fancy and have a youthful look, a gel color scheme between nude brown and other shades goes with a simple little pattern or glitter will be your best choice. This is a nail design that will make you flutter because it is extremely creative and very suitable for short nails. It is considered the most popular and widely used nail design because it helps our hands stay clean, delicate and short nails will not affect our daily activities.

Youthful gel colors with lovely details

Most Popular Nail Designs for Short Nail

It is not surprising that the beautiful 2021 Fall nail designs with cute patterns are always the perfect choice for short nail girls. Each line drawn is simple but extremely beautiful with purple, mint or other colorful shades of blue gel color, the contrast of tones always creates freshness and especially can brighten your skin.

It is also a textured nail, but you will feel like you are lost in a tropical country when owning this nail set. With extremely prominent, elegant and simple brilliant yellow gel color in each lovely pineapple-shaped drawing, your personality and dynamism will be stand out.

Choosing a beautiful marble drawing nail design with black and white gel color for short nails is also a great decision if you are confused about which nail design to choose. Simple and not distracting because the stone pattern is extremely beautiful, it looks real because it is meticulously done by the nail technician.

Not stopping at textures with fruit shapes, leopard skin, marble, you can completely have more unique nail designs with flowers, leaves, stripes or anything you want with the best gel polish and guarantee it will bring the most beautiful effects for your nail set every single day. The attraction of these nail designs will make you more confident and easy to coordinate the outfit because it is so cute and impressive.

Let’s Find out 5 Best Gel Polish Brands That Should Be Used to Have Perfect and Long- Lasting Nails

  3. SNS 1-Step GEL & LACQUER


Above are the most popular nail designs for short nails in 2021 and 5 best gel nail polish brands specializing in providing everything in the nail industry from gel color, dip powder, glitter, base and top coat, nail lamp, nail drill, … with full quality and friendliness testing with consumers. They are trusted and popular throughout the US in particular and around the world in general. Of course, each company will have its own advantages with different prices. Depending on the intended use of each person, you can click on each collection to refer to and choose the most suitable products for you.