New OPI Gel Colors 2018

Looking for trendy nails that will spruce up your looks? Or the nails that will let you make your style statement the way you need or in a very refreshing ay this year? OPI has released some of the latest colors in their new OPI gel colors 2018 pallet that truly speaks for itself.

The new colors are energizing, bright, matching the taste of most of the users and make sure they are good to go with any of the outfits that you wear for any occasion.

Some of the colors are soft and some are shimmery or some are all about expressing strong emotion when you are in your full mood of enjoying the colors of life.

There are many colors that have been introduced before and now they have been given an enhanced look so that you can enjoy the true spirit of colors on your nails.

The following are some of the most advanced and popular colors from the OPI that you can find for your modern and contemporary looks:

Infinite shine 2 SILVER

The infinite shine 2 offers glittery silver in a very decent manner. It is a shiny colored gel nail polish that offers smoother and silkier finish. The smooth application allows the user to spread it without getting annoying stroke lines. The color gives out a metallic touch that is perfectly modern or today’s needs.

Magenta and pink

Bright pink and magenta tint color is also among the ‘New In’ colors for the girls who are expressive in their girlish attitude and will always need a feminine touch for the occasion. The color offers rich texture and deep color that lasts longer than average.

Sun yellow colors

As all of us know, it is all about funky, bright and expressive as well as bold colors this year. This summer the latest color pallet is full of gel nail polishes that are brighter in shades and have stronger tones that before.

Golden rose metallic

Golden rose is a new favorite in the line of nail polishes, lacquer and gel nail polishes. Either you are using it in metallic texture or only looking for a rosy color, you can find the color in the OPI gel nail polish colors. The golden rose is surely glittery and you can rock the look onto your nails with smooth and silky texture and glossy, shiny nails after applying on the nails.

Coastal sea green and blues

Coastal sea green is rather a different and very light yet bright and glowy blue and green tint on the nails. The gel nail polish in such shades offers shinier looks than average with the best color on the nails. It gives more like a sky blue color than the green but with a slightly green tint on the nails.

The bright pink

Baby pink and bright pinks are never outdated in any era. Whether it comes to parties or you need an everyday wear on the go, pinks are always the best way to have a lighter and brighter mood expressed on your nails.

Goose chase white color gel nail polishes

White colored nails also offer lighter and brighter nails that fit everyday needs. These give a shiny, smooth and a very multipurpose effect on the nails.

Blood red

Red is popular in all shades, either you are wearing dark red or a lighter shade it is perfect for party time and with deeper shades it may also work for your professional occasions as well. Though it gives out a bold and classy style on your nails, no girl should be avoiding it for sure.


Now that we can see, we have bold, glittery, soft and shiny color pallet available to enjoy this year from the OPI gel nail polish collection 2018. Definitely, every girl can find the favorite gel polish among these available options as this range covers all of the possible colors that a lady would ever want to try out. For sure the latest collection is all about expressing your moods in your favorite color in a bold way. The brighter colors give a funky feeling while the metallic and soft color help the users maintain a good and decent look while still getting into the latest gel nail colors available in 2018.