Nail Salons Offer a Range of Different Manicures

Though you can have your nail manicure at home, nothing can beat the professional touch that nail salon technicians deliver. You have variously experienced and trained professionals working on your nails to give it the most charming look. Besides the professional touch, you can have access to different types of manicures at the salon. If you have been wearing a specific nail manicure for a long time, the salon offers multiple choices. In addition, the nail salons order their wholesale nail supplies from reputed cosmetics shops globally. Hence, you can expect to get a quality gel polish manicure that a DIY job at home.

Here are some manicure choices available for you at the nail salon.

Basic Manicure

Nail Salons Offer a Range of Different Manicures

The basic manicure is the most straightforward procedure you follow at home. However, you get a better result at the salon because of their professionalism.

The technician begins by preparing your nails for the manicure. The process includes soaking your nails in warm water to soften the dead cells and remove them comfortably. After cutting, filing, shaping, and buffing your nails, she proceeds to clean the cuticles and massage your hands using a skin nourishing cream. The basecoat, polish layer, and topcoat application follow in a specific order. Finally, your nails get a coating of cuticle oil, and your manicure is ready.

While the process can last for up to half an hour, the nail manicure can last for up to a week.

Gel Manicure

The procedure of performing the manicure is the same except for using color gel polish layers and curing the nails at every stage under the UV lamp.

This process is comparatively expensive to the basic manicure and can take more time for its completion. The best aspect is that the manicure lasts longer for up to three weeks. In the meantime, you have to take adequate care of your nails and avoid chipping or lifting.

Dip Powder Manicure

Dip powder manicure has become a rage all over the town. The younger generation loves to have dip powder nails as it allows them to experiment with different shades of their favorite colors. Generally, you find nail salons offering an extensive range because they go for nail supplies rather than purchasing individually.

The procedure involves prepping the nails as usual. Then, the basecoat application is followed by dipping your nails in the dipping powder bottle to let the powder stick to the basecoat. This procedure can be messy as you need to shake off the excess dipping powder from your nails. In addition, it can result in the wastage of resources. Thus, a dipping powder manicure is a bit expensive.

The topcoat application is the ultimate step in a dip powder manicure. It does not require any curing under the UV lamp because the topcoat layer dries on exposure to air. As a result, the dip powder manicure can comfortably last for two to three weeks.

Acrylic Polish

The acrylic manicure is different from all the procedures discussed above. It combines a powder polymer and a liquid monomer to create a sturdy protective layer over your nails. This procedure can take anywhere between an hour and a half to two for a complete job.

The procedure involves curing the nail under a UV lamp, especially if you wish to have a gel polish layer on the top. It is advisable to have one because it extends the longevity of the acrylic overlay conveniently up to three weeks.

The French Manicure

The French manicure is different because it involves applying at least two colors to your nails. You need a beige tone or a pink shade on your nail, followed by a white polish tip. The procedure is the same that you use for a gel polish manicure. It can take up to 45 minutes for a complete manicure. This manicure is one of the favorites of young women globally and can last for a minimum of two weeks.

The American Manicure

The American manicure is different from a French manicure as you use a nail design that mimics your natural nail color. Generally, nail technicians use a skin-colored base and a nude/off-white tip.

The procedure of applying the polish layers is similar to that of a French manicure. This manicure can last for two weeks, after which you can remove the polish by soaking the nails in an acetone-based nail polish removal solution.

Shellac Manicure

Many women prefer to have a shellac manicure because it does not take much time to dry compared to regular nail polish. The manicure is a hybrid process involving half gel polish, and half nail polish layer applied simultaneously over your nails. This procedure involves curing under the UV lamp and can last for up to three weeks.

Final words

A nail salon job is always preferable because of the professionalism displayed by nail salon technicians. If you are a nail salon owner, you should order your nail supplies from our website. We have a fantastic range of nail products on offer at the most attractive prices.