Be Spring Ready with These Flower Nail Art Design Using Dipping Powder

Everybody loves flowers. It’s colorful, lively and beautiful and it is no wonder why floral nail art designs are perennial. These bright nail designs matches one’s mood and even the season and it is no wonder why some women wear them all year round and not just spring season. Because it is fun, it is trendy and brightens up just anyone’s mood. Take time to read through these remarkable nail art designs and find the best idea to match your OOTD.

 Flower Nail Art

  1. Delicate Daisies in Blue Nails

If it is your first time to try doing your own floral nails, it would be best if you start from the easiest. This nail design is perfect for you because it only requires a few materials. For the base coat use LDS D88 Powderblue and create your mini daisies using white polish then put tiny dots in the middle using gold polish and Eureka! You now have a subtle yet gorgeous flower nail art.

  1. Orange Bloom

Heading for the beach? Don’t forget to have your nails done first to complete the spring season vibe. Use LDS D101 Fantastic as basecoat then freehand your own flowers using white DC nail polish. This two-tone nail will give you a gorgeous nail ready for the warm weather in a snap.

  1. Poppy Fields Nail Design

It’s time to put that red nail dipping powder to good use. Aside from using it for your Valentine’s Day nails you can also use that for spring. Your white basecoat will look awesome if you will decorate it with this poppy look using LDS D100 Bloody Mary and LDS D101 Fantastic.

  1. Cherry Blossom Nail Design

Dying to see cherry blossom but with no luck? Fret not because you may now put that exotic flower on your nails using LDS D87 Cherry Passion. It will surely draw one’s attention for their cute and colourful style.

  1. Cool Colorblocked Nails

In a hurry but still want to a picture-perfect nails? This elegant mani is our suggestion. Just coat your nails with LDS Clear Powder then apply one strip of striping tape per nail, dip your nail on LDS D101 Fantastic at least two times and voila! You’ve got a gorgeous glam look on your hands.

  1. Pressed Wildflower Nails

Spring is the time of the year where there is an abundance of flowers and it is also the best time to make use of those wildflowers. Press your flowers between the pages of heavy book before you coat your nails with LDS Clear Powder. Put the flattened flowers on top of your nails and prepare yourself to get overwhelmed with compliments.

  1. White Coat with Different Blooms

Liven up your white nails and decorate them with different flowers using all of your LDS nail dipping powder. With LDS Clear Powder as your basecoat, you can’t go wrong. With various flowers featured on each nail, this crafty style packs whimsy and a pop of color on all ten fingers.