Top 6 Best Facial Products for Acne That Actually Work

Best Facial Products for Acne

Products designed for acne prone skin have¬† special properties which target the specific skin condition. These help you in getting rid of frequent breakouts and make your skin clear and smooth. We have suggested few of such products to you so you can easily choose the one that’s best for you.

Face Wash & Cleanser

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Face Wash

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Neutrogena acne face wash is gentle yet powerful which clears your skin in just one wash. You can see visible results of soft, smooth and healthy skin after just one day of usage. It contains salicylic acid which treats acne and helps prevent future breakouts. Along with that, the acne related redness and irritation is also cooled down, healing the skin. It is incredibly gentle so you can easily use it twice a day for better results. No matter how stubborn your acne is, this face wash will clear it out.

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Acne Clearing Charcoal Cleanser

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The First Aid Beauty charcoal cleanser is a medicated formulation especially produced for treating acne. It treats and prevents acne, making your skin brighter and clearer. The key ingredient of this cleanser is activated charcoal which is an important detoxifying agent. It draws out all the occluded impurities, making the skin clear and clean. This also helps in preventing further breakouts of acne. The boost of probiotics makes the skin ready to fight bacterial infections.


I DEW CARE Bright Side Up Brightening Vitamin C Serum

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The I DEW CARE vitamin C Serum helps you get a clear and bright complexion. The antioxidants make the defense of the skin stronger, helping it to avoid infections, breakouts and blemishes. You must try this Korean vitamin c serum at least once and then you’ll fall in love with its amazing properties. It will also provide you with moisturization and replenish the skin cells. The epidermal layer is uplifted and revitalized.

Mario Badescu Anti-Acne Serum

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Mario Badescu serum is a targeted formulation for acne prone skin. It prevents the formulation of pimples and treats them before they erupt out of your skin. Application of a generous amount of this serum daily will help you get a skin free from all the acne bumps. Face becomes clear and clean, free from all the open pores and breakouts.

Acne prone skin requires careful handling while doing makeup. This is because sometimes the breakouts become worse if any ingredient reacts with the skin. Here are two of the best makeup products for acne prone skin.


Bella Jade Makeup Setting Spray

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Bella Jade has produced makeup spray with the infusion of green tea. This is a specialized makeup setting spray for acne prone skin. The green tea extract helps you to get a soothing effect so none of the breakouts get inflamed and irritated. It helps you to set the makeup all day without the fear of wearing off. You just need a few puffs of the spray and you are ready to go.

Clinique/Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup

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Clinique/Acne solution liquid makeup gives you a broad coverage foundation base while hiding all the blemishes and dark spots. As the name suggests, it is especially designed for acne prone skin. While giving you the perfect makeup look, it also helps in treating acne. The signs of pimples and acne scars gradually start disappearing if you use it regularly.


Acne covered skin does not mean that you don’t have any right to look beautiful. There are products which will treat your acne and also help you get a beautiful skin. Try out our recommended products especially designed for acne prone skin and enjoy a incredible skin clarity and beauty.