Beard Butter and All Facts Related to It

Styling your beard is something you do or planning to do then you must know about the beard butter. Beard butter is the in betweener of beard wax and beard oil. Beard butter has a soft texture that needs not to be warmed like wax and is ready to be applied like oil but not flowy. They tend to have a softening effect on your beard and make it stay the way you wanted it to be. Bread butter conditions the beard and keeps it healthy.

Beard Butter

Beard butter is voted the best product among beard softeners. Since it is made of shea butter it has all the goodness of the wonderful properties and benefits it has. Shea butter benefits your skin under your beard and keeps it moisturized, itch-free, and unclogs pores. Beard butters do contain little amount of wax but that does not make the beard stiff like wax products do. Only enough amount of wax to help tame the hair is added to beard butter so that your straying strands are in place yet not stiff.

Application of Beard Butter

Though simple and straightforward to use I am just breaking the process of application into few detailed steps for newbies.

  • Scoop beard butter just with your fingers and only in small quantity.
  • Spread it unto your both hands by rubbing them
  • Apply into the beard starting with the skin underneath the beard
  • Then wipe all the long strands nicely from inside and the surface
  • Now run the comb gently to spread the butter evenly
  • The comb also shapes the beard
  • Now wash and wipe your hands

The gentleman with a trim beard is ready. The ideal time for the application of beard butter is after the shower. Beard butter can be used daily, and washing it regularly avoids product build-up. Take care of the combs you use after applying the product. They need to be cleaned periodically, or they will leave dry residue on your beard next time you use it.

Along with styling your beard, beard butter makes your beard grow healthily and also allow them to smell great. Due to its light or medium hold, the styling does not seem stiff and unnatural. Your beard looks fuller when using beard butter than when using beard wax. The flyaway hairs stay put the whole day in good shape without giving that greasy kind of feeling.

Why Should You Be Using Beard Butter?

Beard hair is also prone to becoming dry and rough as it gets wet daily when you shower. The unkempt beard spoils the look of your face and makes you look ungroomed. You never want to make that impression, right? So, making it look neat and groomed is essential. When you have a well-maintained beard, it makes you look more of a responsible person.

The beard butter comes along with some additives to shea butter and wax. They are essential oils that add the fragrance and the goodness of nature to the product. Choose the fragrance that you can live the whole day every day. Making the beards softer with the beard softeners also takes care of their nourishment leading to a healthier beard.

Establish a Washing Routine

The product build-up is the main issue you face when using any of the beard-related products. It not only makes your beard look dull but also weighs it down. Washing out the product is a little time taking process because it is not washed away simply by water as they are fats. You need lukewarm water and a beard shampoo and wash thoroughly. You need to remove all the dirt, grime, dead cells, and the residues of various product deposits. Finally, you will have a fresh beard.

Maintaining the cleaning routine and by applying the bread butter, you can look dashing.