The 6 Best OPI Nail Colors for 2021

Have you been looking forward to making your nails more elegant with the latest dip powders? Well, OPI can help you with that. OPI produces a new line of products that you can try out for the best results every time. OPI powder perfection shades will help you achieve the perfection you desire. You probably have seen the shades in gel color and nail lacquer, but now, you will enjoy their exquisite look in dipping powder form.

Top 6 OPI Nail Colors

Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal

The warm coral OPI dip nails provides you with a glow that you will enjoy all the time. But first, you should try it on your nails before you can decide the shade to go for. This powder polish is the best alternative to acrylics. It provides you with a gel-like shine for almost a week without the need to keep curing it using UV or LED light. The powder is great for every look. Besides, it is made in the United States where quality and safety are assured. You can try this powder in the form of OPI nail lacquer, OPI Infinite Shine and OPI Gelcolor.

Mariachi Makes My Day

This is one of the best OPI nail polish powders that you can find in the market. It is made in a deep purple colour that leaves you looking more attractive and luxurious. Its intense colour is unlike anything you have ever seen. Furthermore, you can enjoy its shine for several weeks without chipping or cracking as its strength is incomparable. Furthermore, unlike other gels and acrylics, this dip powder does not need curing using UV or LED light. The deep purple colour is especially perfect for night outs and holidays. It matches with almost all outfits and can be used by people with distinct skin tones. The shade is available in OPI Gelcolor, OPI Infinite Shine and OPI nail lacquer.

Mexico City Move-mint

If you love nature, this dip powder is the best for you. It is an understated green dip colour, but once you wear it, the results are mesmerizing. This dip powder can also be used alongside other polishes as it works well with them. With this powder, you know where the avenue to perfection lies. All you have to do is try. It also comes in numerous shades that you can try out; thus, it is good to check out its available shades first. As an alternative to the typical gels and acrylic, Mexico City Move-mint provides you with a long-lasting mani that you will not be afraid to show off. The minty green hue allows you to keep fresh. Besides, if you love perky pastels, this dip powder is a perfect match. It is also available in OPI Gelcolor, OPI Infinite Shine and OPI nail lacquer.

Mural Mural on the Wall

This fancy name represents a graphics design that is made using crazy coral confetti in scattered specks. But before you can try it one, you should check out its colours on nails to choose the hue you think suits you the most. It is quick to apply, and it leaves you with a gel-like shine for almost a week. Besides, it does not need curing because it is naturally strong and long-lasting. This graphics option is the best for a street art look and the best for pumping up a punky look. Like the other powder perfection shades, this shade is available in OPI nail lacquer, OPI Infinite Shine and OPI Gelcolor.

My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore

A funny name, right? Well, without wondering what happened to the Chihuahua, this orange hue is both beautiful and exciting. The orange colour on your nails scares away any ankle biters. Nonetheless, before you can choose the shade, you should see the colours on the nails. The dip powder, unlike other acrylics and gels. It lasts for several weeks, and the look attracts anyone who dares to look at you. It is perfect for every skin, every outfit and every occasion. The hue is available in Infinite Shine, OPI gel and nail lacquer.

Verde Nice to Meet You

This hue is the newest lush in OPI designs. The OPI dip powder is in verdant green colour that gives your nails a luxurious and chic look. The shade you choose depends on your choice but make sure to check different colours on nails first. You can rock with it for several weeks without the need to redo your nails. Furthermore, it does not need UV or LED lights to cure; thus, your safety is assured. Furthermore, this bright green hue provides you with a spring look that you have been looking for. It is also available in Gelcolor, Infinite Shine and nail lacquer.


Powder perfection dip powder shades are a great way to keep yourself looking elegant and stunning. Therefore, you can try out the powder perfection shades like Verde Nice to Meet You, My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore, Mural Mural on the Wall, Mexico City Move-mint, Mariachi Makes My Day and Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal or any other dip powder of your choice.